Cross Training

Can you keep a secret?

When someone shares a secret, they are taking you into their confidence. Did you know that God takes some people into His confidence? Check out Proverbs 3:32b (NIV):

“…for the LORD detests a perverse man, but takes the upright into his confidence.”

God wants to be close enough to you to share secrets. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to get close to him. It’s always been that way. Look at this verse from Psalm 103:

“He (God) made known his ways to Moses, his deeds to the people of Israel.” Psalm 103:7 (NIV)

Do you see the difference? God made known his deeds to the people of Israel. They were content to know about him. Moses wanted more. He pursued God and was even bold enough to ask God to show himself to Moses. (Read about it in Exodus 33:12-23.) Psalm 103 tells us that God made known his ways to Moses. God’s ways are connected to God’s character and God’s mannerisms—just like you know certain expressions or mannerisms that each member of your family has(what they do when they are mad, how they laugh, how they smile).

So, why the difference between Israel and Moses? Two things, I think:

1)      Desire: Israel kept God at a distance. They had all the God they wanted. Moses wanted more and more. He couldn’t get enough.

2)      Character: Israel rebelled against God again and again. Moses, though not perfect(He had a temper.), made the effort to obey. Glance back at Proverbs 3:32b. With whom does God share his secrets? The upright.

Ask yourself—are you game? How much of God do you want? Are you willing to back it up with obedience? Where do you stand?

Fitness Tip: Take your dog(or pet) for a walk or jog today. Go as long as you can. Let me know who got tired first.

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