Zuno’s Pick

Zuno’s Pick is Chris Van Allsburg’s Mysteries of Harris Burdick. “Mysteries” because the story behind the book is intriguing. Van Allsburg relates the story:

“Thirty years ago a man called at Peter Wenders’s office, introducing himself as Harris Burdick. Mr. Burdick explained that he had written fourteen stories and had drawn many pictures for each one. He’d brought with him just one drawing from each story, to see if Wenders liked his work.

Peter Wenders was fascinated by the drawings. He told Burdick he would like to read the stories that went with them as soon as possible. The artist agreed to bring the stories the next morning.”

He never returned.

Van Allsburg shares these pictures with you. Mr. Burdick titled each drawing and the story waits to be crafted—by you. My favorite is “Mr. Linden’s Library” because you never know what will happen when you open your next book.

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