Gayle’s Gable

In Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, James longs to escape from the top of the hill where he lives with his horrible aunts, Sponge and Spiker. If you are familiar with Lemony Snicket’s Count Olaf, you’ll understand when I tell you that these ladies win hands down in a Creepy Guardian Contest. One morning, peculiar things happen: “a rather peculiar thing”, “a very peculiar thing”,  and “a really fantastically peculiar thing.” James encounters an old man with a bag of magic crystals. The man guarantees the crystals will deliver James from his miserable life with Aunties Sponge and Spiker if James follows his instructions. In his rush to complete the task, James trips, the bag spills, and the crystals disappear into the ground under a peach tree. A single peach grows—to gigantic proportions. James discovers a hole in the peach which he enters and finds a tunnel leading to a room filled with giant insects. Things get even more interesting when the peach rolls down the hill, away from the nasty aunts, and across the English countryside. Where will it stop? Give me your best guess and enjoy the book.

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