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                 This week I spotlight Roland Smith’s Storm Runners novels. If you like action, adventure, and weather, you’ll love this series. In Storm Runners, Chase Masters, his father, and co-worker Tomas, head to Florida to meet Category 5 Hurricane Emily. They set up shop at the Rossi farm where the circus family keeps their animals and equipment in the off season. John Masters and Tomas leave for St. Petersburg, the hurricane’s predicted destination, and leave Chase in the town of Palm Breeze with the Rossi family. He begins school only to be sent home on the bus as the hurricane shifts course to Palm Breeze. Chase, Nicole Rossi, and fellow student/bus rider Rashawn must find their way to the Rossi farm after the bus wrecks, killing the driver. Wind, rain, gators, and miles of washed-out road stand between the kids and safety.

Storm Runners: The Surge picks up the story as the kids make it to the farm only to discover the house has collapsed, the big cats have escaped, and the remaining barns are left in darkness. And the water is rising.

Storm Runners: Eruption is now available and continues the saga with a trip to Mexico. These novels are short and read quickly. Eruption arrives soon and I can’t wait.


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