Gayle’s Gable

In Susan Patron’s Higher Power of Lucky, Lucky eavesdrops on the anonymous twelve step meetings in her small town of Hard Pan. She hears of a higher power and wishes for one of her own. Lucky’s mother died when she was eight and her father dumped her on his first wife. Lucky knows it’s just a matter of time before Wife #1 returns home and leaves Lucky in foster care. She longs for love, security, and acceptance. Though she comes to realize that she already has all those things, the author neglects to point Lucky towards the higher power she’s been seeking. This book left me feeling empty. While Lucky comes to understand the love her guardian has for her, she knows, from experience, people come and go. God’s love and presence are forever and Lucky never hears this message. A disappointing book for me, but it may spark a good conversation with your kids.


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