Cross Training

Sea Song

We’re heading for the beach this month and I can’t wait.

Sea. Sand. Crabs. Boogie boards.

 I love the ocean. The wind and waves remind me of God’s great strength and lead me to praise Him. Psalm 96 calls us to praise Him too. This psalm not only calls on every nation to praise God, but every part of creation as well. Check out this part of verse 11 (NIV): “let the sea resound, and all that is in it;”.

Picture the sea and everything in it giving praise to God. Dolphins leaping and jumping for joy. Whales blowing spray high into the air. Octopi waving all eight legs. Toothy sharks, slippery eels, colorful coral. Prey and predators alike, now focused on one thing: the Father.

Will you join them?

What is your favorite sea creature and how do you think they will praise God?

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