Cross Training


Breeding Ground

“Pride only breeds quarrels, “ (Proverbs 13:10a NIV)

My friend, Lisa, recently fostered a mama dog and her litter of puppies. Furry little bodies needing to nurse. Frequently. Razor sharp teeth on search and destroy missions. Wagging little bottoms leaving smelly surprises. Babies of any kind demand time, attention, and energy.

So do quarrels.

Look at how they begin. Not with AKC champions like Faith, Hope, and Love, but with Pride. And what happens when two prides collide? We get a litter of quarrels: Arguing, Bickering, Squabbling, Faultfinding, Feuding, Fighting, and Wrangling.

Give me the puppies any day.

Quarrels nip at us wit their sharp puppy teeth. They leave all kinds of messes, and then–they grow up. Distance. Unresolved hurts. Broken relationships. Estrangements. Not so cute, are they? So, what’s the solution?

Breed champions: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, and Self-Control. You’ll have a litter and a life worth keeping.

What is taking care of a new puppy, kitten, or baby like?

In what ways are quarrels demanding?

How does pride lead to quarrels?

How do you resolve a quarrel?

Which is easier: to deal with pride and avoid an argument or to deal with the argument?

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  1. Veitenheimer, Russell

    Still love it!!

    Russell E. Veitenheimer Novartis Pharmaceuticals Fort Worth District Senior Area Business Leader

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